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Rishi Vidhyadhar, Living in the Present with Total Awareness through Sudarshan Kriya

‘Existence is a fact but living is an art,’ said Rishi Vidhyadhar when I met him at the The Art of Living Center, Jakarta, last week. With his flowing salt and pepper beard, twinkling eyes and smiling face, dressed all … Continue reading

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Hans Peter Haesslein: Together we can do it.

‘Managing a successful team is akin to coaching a world class sports team. Coaching, motivating and training constantly to stay on top of the game. Forming the game plan, developing the players, playing the game and then reviewing the game; … Continue reading

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Jason Will: If everything seems under control… you’re just not going fast enough!

Jason Will finds that diving and business management have one thing in common: both provide new, unexpected and interesting discoveries. “Diving is an amazing activity and I have learned so much from it. Looking at the surface of the ocean, … Continue reading

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VK Agarwal: Playing a Bigger Game

Mr VK Agarwal, managing director of PT Embee Plumbon Textiles is a true leader – providing purpose, direction, and motivation — while operating to accomplish the mission and improving his organization and empowering his employees. While business were floundering during … Continue reading

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Look at the BIG Picture and Let Go ~ BK Trish

I had long heard about the Brahma Kumari association and finally in Jakarta had the opportunity to meet one of the members, BK Sister Trish. She had a very calming presence and it was indeed a privilege to interview her. … Continue reading

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An Electrifying Encounter

This was the 4th time I was visiting Pak Yusuf Budi Santoso at his clinic and the experience was as amazing as the first time a decade ago. My friend first took introduced me to this Chinese healer’s on busy … Continue reading

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Singing Diva: Penaz Masani in Jakarta

She has trademark head of curly hair, a million dollar smile that lights up the auditorium and her melodious voice fills it with music. Penaz Masani is a warm and wonderful human being with a musical gift. It was a … Continue reading

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