Anger Mangement: Learning from Dada JP Vaswani

Asking for directions while driving can be frustrating and more so if you have to instruct the driver to ask for directions from random people on the road, who are equally clueless too. I had forced my family to accompany me to my interview session with Dada JP Vaswani, for the opportunity to meet the spiritual leader in person and see me in action.

While on the way, seeking directions, I asked my son ‘what questions do you think I should ask Dada?.’ His quiet answer ‘Maybe you should ask him how you can manage your anger?’ only irritated me further.

We finally reached the interview venue and my family perfunctionarily met Dada and left, while I got busy setting up the interview. Dada JP Vaswani is humility personified. He is warm and gentle and speaks in a low voice. He put me at ease and we  had a wonderful and inspiring interview and my son’s question was totally forgotten.

Dada presented me with a couple of his books and I took his leave on a feeling of well being and accomplishment. In the car, I randomly picked up one of the books and flipped it open on random page. The title of the page was ‘How to manage your anger‘ I had goosebumps all over. Dada had given me his answer to my son’s question. At some level we are indeed one.

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