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Spirituality is merely a journey from the mind to the heart – Swami Gnantej

‘Life is a Celebration’ smiled Swami Gnantej. A young computer science engineer by education, he left his job at HCL technologies after a year to be a full time volunteer at the Art of Living center. ‘I attended the AOL … Continue reading

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The Spice Goddess: Bal Arneson

Chef Bal Arneson (known in some circles as the Spice Goddess) is a Vancouver-based author, educator and TV personality, was a delight to meet. Along with her were her two children Anoop Virk, 20, and Aaron Arneson, 10, in Jakarta, … Continue reading

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Karan Berry – Hard work is at the heart of the glamorous hospitality industry

Bolstered by a healthy economic outlook, the hospitality and tourism industry of Indonesia is booming. ‘I like the Jakarta traffic,’ says 41 year old Karan Berry with a broad smile, ‘as it means that guests have to stay for a … Continue reading

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Focus On Action Not Results to Be Successful: S L Uttam

What do the world’s top intimate brands like Victoria’s secret, DKNY, Spanx and others have in common? Many of these are manufactured in Indonesia at Shyam Lal Uttam’s PT Busana Remaja Agracipta (BRA) a top 10 fused garments manufacturer worldwide. … Continue reading

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Making Art Difference – Painting To Give

The ‘Volunteer Artists Group’ is an informal group of women that got together with an idea to give back. It all started with Pavan Kapoor, a long time resident of Jakarta volunteering at High Desert International Foundation that had headquarters … Continue reading

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Honesty and Trust are the Foundation of Success – KK Agrawal

The Primaniyarta export award 2013 was awarded to PT Bitratex by the government of Indonesia, and recognizes the constant and ongoing quality consciousness of successful Indonesian exporters who are then role models for the other Indonesian exporters. Since the award … Continue reading

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Vikram Hazra – A Spiritual Rock Star

Vikram Hazra is like a finely cut diamond with multiple facets, each distinct yet collaborating to sparkle.  He is a writer, philosopher, spiritual guide, teacher and programmer associated with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living (AoL). He is however, … Continue reading

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Rishi Vidhyadhar, Living in the Present with Total Awareness through Sudarshan Kriya

‘Existence is a fact but living is an art,’ said Rishi Vidhyadhar when I met him at the The Art of Living Center, Jakarta, last week. With his flowing salt and pepper beard, twinkling eyes and smiling face, dressed all … Continue reading

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Hans Peter Haesslein: Together we can do it.

‘Managing a successful team is akin to coaching a world class sports team. Coaching, motivating and training constantly to stay on top of the game. Forming the game plan, developing the players, playing the game and then reviewing the game; … Continue reading

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Jason Will: If everything seems under control… you’re just not going fast enough!

Jason Will finds that diving and business management have one thing in common: both provide new, unexpected and interesting discoveries. “Diving is an amazing activity and I have learned so much from it. Looking at the surface of the ocean, … Continue reading

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