Vikram Hazra – A Spiritual Rock Star

Vikram Hazra is like a finely cut diamond with multiple facets, each distinct yet collaborating to sparkle.  He is a writer, philosopher, spiritual guide, teacher and programmer associated with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living (AoL). He is however, foremost a musician, who doesn’t just play music – he opens up a doorway for his audiences to touch their own soul. A spiritual rock star with the ability to effortlessly blend spiritual songs with a contemporary sensibility. Since his first album release in 1997, his urbanized devotional music mesmerizes packed concerts in over 40 countries.

Vikram was once a journalist and when he filed a story on the AoL, his curiosity got the better of him and he ended up doing the Basic course. Today he serves as Program Director for the International Art of Living Foundation, conducting workshops and initiating community development projects across the world.

It was indeed a pleasure talking to him and he came across as a very warm and open individual. “I do have a specific mission and that is to present Indian culture and deep devotional philosophy in a beautiful way to the rest of the world” said Vikram. This is evident in his lyrics which take from the simplest of Indian folk bhajans to the poetry of Amir Khusrau, from Buddhists chants to African and African-American spirituals, from the philosophy of poet-saints like Kabeer, Meera, Raidas and Jaydev to contemporary blues and jazz, Vikram’s concerts seamlessly meld diverse styles into an organic whole.

In between his various activities, reading, traveling he has ‘miles to go before he sleeps’ and shares that ‘sleeping is my hobby.’

I am looking forward to Vikram Hazra and his band members, perform in Jakarta. An evening that promises to combine the beat and rhythm of a modern concert with the spirituality of a satsang.

Music is the biggest unifier of the world. So we invoke the sense of a one-world family through music’ said Vikram. We look forward to his style of music. As Sri Sri Ravishankar says “Broaden your vision and deepen your roots” and this kind of music really exemplifies the quote.

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  1. Hi Poonam,

    I enjoyed reading your posts. Well, I was very curious about Indians living in Indonesia and your blog popped up, for which I am glad 🙂 I am planning to make Bali my home soon and it is heartening to see that Indonesia is so multicultural…take care. Sunitha

  2. ps says:

    Hi Sunitha,
    Thank you for your comment. Bali, the island of Gods, is a wonderful place to live in and very international. Let me know if you plan to be in Jakarta and we could meet.
    For more info on Indians in Indonesia, do visit

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