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‘You Know Me?’

I spied this fun poster promoting the Wayang Orang Bharata at a mall in Jakarta. Wayang Orang is a form of a traditional drama performance originally from Java based on the stories from the Mahabarata and Ramayana. One of Indonesia’s … Continue reading

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So Cool: Taxi with Batik

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Friendship First

Trust, gratitude and appreciation are the keys to all relationships, I think, and friendship is the keystone to all relationships. We accept and celebrate our friends for who they are as a package of the good AND the bad. Just … Continue reading

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Winning the Game

I jumped as high as I could and smashed the shuttle in the opponents court — only to have it hit the top of the net and fall diasppointingly in to our court. The game was 100% effort and a … Continue reading

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Tiger, Tiger: Office Decor

One of the ‘less than 400 Sumatran tigers’ left in the wild… now in someone’s office! The text below the paintings ‘…mereka juka memerlukan perhatian dan kasih sayang…'(They too need your attention and love) Full View of Taxidermy Tiger  

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Vision: The Bigger Picture

I think I need to go to the eye doctor and get my eyes checked. Lately it has been a strain sitting in front of the computer monitor for long periods of time. My close distance vision is definitely not … Continue reading

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I remember the days when our annual trip to Lucknow always included the daily trip to the Paan Wallah.  Every meal we feasted on Mom’s food and could barely move. Then after a lazy siesta, saunter down the lane till … Continue reading

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