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Food Trends in Jakarta

Food glorious food! The best thing about food is that it is both a necessity and an indulgence.  Even better, it can be both at the same time. As Voltaire famously said ‘nothing would be more tiresome than eating and … Continue reading

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From Selling Hardware to Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

Chef Permana Sigidprawiro The crisis in Indonesia jump started Chef Permana Sigidprawiro’s culinary career, a drastic change form selling computer hardware.From introduction to cooking in New York to formal culinary training in New Zealand and then returning to Jakarta to … Continue reading

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From Foodie to Celebrity Chef

‘I am very lucky to be included among the top chefs in Indonesia’, said Chef Maxi Andhika. Friendly and engaging were my first impressions of the young chef, when I met him at his favorite spot in town – the … Continue reading

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Exquisite Pink Temple – Banteay Srei

The beautifully and intricately carved temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in hard pink sandstone (quartz arenite) – Banteay Srei, was built in the 10 th century AD. It was discovered overrun by the jungle in 1914. Banteay Srey loosely translates … Continue reading

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Smiling Stones at Bayon

Here we were in the hotel lobby at 5 am waiting for our tuk tuks and looking forward to another amazing day in Siem Reap. A tuk tuk is a small carriage attached to a motocycle an can carry four … Continue reading

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Poetry in Stone – Angkor Vat

It was like going back in time when I landed at the Siem Reap airport, a small charming gateway to the world famous Angkor temples, in Cambodia. It took all of ten minutes to get my visa on arrival at … Continue reading

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Sustainable Silk at Artisans D’Angkor

The National Silk Center in Puok, which is 20 minutes from Siem Reap, is managed by Artisans D’Angkor, an offshoot of the Chantiers-Écoles project, setup in 1998 with financial support from the European Union to develop a sustainable model for … Continue reading

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Monkey in a Doll’s Head

There it was, right in the middle of a busy road – a monkey wearing a doll’s head. An incongruous and sad sight indeed. Human beings exploiting helpless animals…

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Roadside Vendors in Delhi

We really love a mixture of flavors which tickle the tongue, which is why it is called ‘chaat’ or to taste. The three featured above are found at most tourist spots and markets in Delhi.

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Giant Krupuk (crackers)

  Super Jumbo Fish Crackers that almost a meter in diameter sold on the road on ‘Kaki lima.’ ‘Kaki Lima’ means 5th wooden leg as that is what is required to keep the roadside carts stationary.

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