Vaibhav Sagar’s blog – love his blog, full of inane fluff about life, the universe and everything.

Scribbles of an Electronic Gypsy – Rosemarie John’s awesome travel blog

Indoindians – the premier community portal for Indians in Indonesia

Dr Deepak Agrawal – my brother the Young Neurosurgeon of year awardee

PT Infotech Solutions – my company website

Online Medical Consultations via Skype – what an incredibly cool concept

2 Responses to Following

  1. Anita Fenton says:

    Wish I’d known about your blog from the beginning Poonam – you know that I would have been an avid reader. Now feeling rather overwhelmed at all there is to read and catch up on.

    Well done dat girl ! It’s interesting and high quality writing. I look forward to foraging within it later tonight!

    Lol Anita

    • ps says:

      Thank you Anita. Just started it recently and am now addicted to it. Its so much fun. Should get you started when you get back.

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