Friendship First

A Chinese Character that means "Friend" , read as "You"

Trust, gratitude and appreciation are the keys to all relationships, I think, and friendship is the keystone to all relationships.
We accept and celebrate our friends for who they are as a package of the good AND the bad. Just like a painting for what it is, and NOT what it lacks. The intention is never to ‘change’ a friend into a better person.
Then we go a step further and support them and be there for them, after all a friend in deed, is a true friend.
I am determined to be a friend first in all my relationships and then a mother, sister, employer or whatever.

My ‘aha’ moment was the insight that am I not my very best friend? When I am alone with myself, isn’t it like having a conversation with a friend, mentor, caretaker all rolled into one? Only when I can appreciate and love myself as a friend can I truly BE a friend.

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3 Responses to Friendship First

  1. mrinalini says:

    Loved it!
    Am on the same page as you…!

  2. 13 Oct. 2011
    Dear Poonam
    Thanks for sending the pages. I enjoyed those
    Rajat Das Gupta

  3. Sony Vasandani says:

    Hi Poonam,
    That was lovely. Great Realizations!

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