Hans Peter Haesslein: Together we can do it.

Managing a successful team is akin to coaching a world class sports team. Coaching, motivating and training constantly to stay on top of the game. Forming the game plan, developing the players, playing the game and then reviewing the game; then it goes back full circle to the game plan,’ says Hans Peter Haesslein, President Director and CEO of PT Siemens Indonesia and Country Spokesperson of Siemens Group of Companies in Indonesia.

Peter has been at the helm in Indonesia for the last 5 years, over a career of 34 years with Siemens. He is a well respected industry expert, who takes great pride in being associated with this global ‘first class company’ which has over 1700 employees in Indonesia. He leads Siemens Indonesia team much like a sports coach, with the aim to achieve peak performance with a leadership style ‘based on trust, in empowerment and delegation of responsibilities’.

‘Together we can do it. It is teamwork led by information flow on what’s happening in the company, both the good and the bad, areas where work and attention is required, is communicated through all the levels. Each and every employee is important and has a voice, not only are they informed, but with the same importance, they are heard without fear of any negative consequences,’ he says.

 He believes that success is a five step process, and first and most important is to work hard, learn as much as you possibly can, listening to your seniors, taking on challenges and most importantly to go the extra mile.

Interestingly, Peter asserts ‘I am a strong supporter of having a substantial number of female employees at the workplace. I am not for a quota, but I believe their presence in meetings, in daily business environment, in teams and in problem solving is contributing substantially to the performance and the achievement of good results.’ He relies on his ‘heads of Corporate Communications, Human Resources, and Business Development, all are Indonesian women, in order to get input and together find the most appropriate ways and channels of communication within the entire organization.

 ‘We employ several hundred employees in our four factories, and several hundred engineers, managers, administrative employees. The spread of education, knowledge and understanding of applicable standards among the entire work force is quite substantial and results in quality products and engineering, services by building the bridge between cultural differences, local requirements and the global standards,’ added Hans.

He further emphasized that a culture of acknowledgement and appreciation for work done and targets achieved within the divisions workgroup teams leads to motivation, and money plays only a secondary part. ‘Identifying and promoting talent, challenging the employee with increasingly demanding tasks, and rewarding them with adequate compensation and promotion is the key. As I mentioned earlier, defined areas of responsibility, ownership, and empowerment are essential to recruit and retain talent. I believe you will get and retain the best people only when you give them responsibilities and space to apply their knowledge, their expertise and experience.’

His attention to detail and quality focus is evident, when he stresses that ‘control at all levels is necessary, while working in a big matrix organization to maintain the required quality in performance, that our customers are expecting from us. Performance is constantly monitored to make sure we have the right people in the right place and we are promoting talents in order to have a full pipeline of skilled staff.’

Time management for Peter is based on prioritizing. ‘I use the Eisenhower Matrix to ask myself two questions. First, is the task important? Second, is it urgent? After all, it is the quality of questions that determines the results we get.’ In addition to his hectic work schedule he is the Vice Chairman of the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (EKONID). He also served as the Vice Chairman of the European Business Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (EUROCHAM) until 2011. He is currently on the Executive Board (Advisor) of the Indonesian Australian Business Council (IABC), Member of the Board of Commissioner of PT Jawa Power and the German School (Deutsche Internationale Schule Jakarta). He also attends a number of conferences to stay up to date with economic and political developments.

Peter is an avid golfer, and most weekends will see him at a golf course in the company of friends to enjoy the game and reflect on business, economy, and politics. Till a few years ago he used to fly gliders and single engine motor planes. Another of his passions is deep sea fishing in Indonesia, between Manado and Lombok, Bali and Krakatau.

Peter is a mulch-faceted leader committed to Indonesia’s infrastructure and economic development to bring about positive impact to the people in the country, through clean technology and integrated solutions. Hans earned his Engineering degree from the University of Siegen in Germany. He has been working in Siemens since 1978 and has been around the world in various senior positions. He lives in Jakarta with his wife, Sharon, and their two children.

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