An Electrifying Encounter


Yusuf Budi Santoso

This was the 4th time I was visiting Pak Yusuf Budi Santoso at his clinic and the experience was as amazing as the first time a decade ago. My friend first took introduced me to this Chinese healer’s on busy Jl Gunung Sahari in Jakarta. While we waited for our turn in the waiting area, the TV coincidentally was tuned in to the healer, Pak Budi Yusuf Santoso’s interview on TV.

Pak Santoso wears a white short sleeved shirt, black trousers and rubber flip flops. A large wooden frame bed with a metal layer on top is his examination table. I did not know what to expect when I sat on this table. He gently touched my arm a electricity coursed through his fingers up my arm while a a faint sound like a ‘whirrrr..’ seemed to emanate from his hands. Each time he placed his fingers on the points of the meridien I could feel the electricity course through my body till the tips of my fingers and toes. When he placed his fingers on either side of my head near my ears, I feel the electric current frying my brain. When this current was applied at points on the nape of my neck, it would jerk uncontrollably. It was the weirdest experience ever and I was tense throughout the session as I was convinced he had some tricks up sleeve.

At the first meeting, I got off the table and got down on my knees to look under te bed and around it to check for hidden power source and/or batteries but there was none. I quizzed him as to where he got his source of power and was told that he learnt from his father at the age of 12 in China. His siblings were not interested and do not have his powers.


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Pak Santoso explained it be Qi Gong or Chi Kung, and the energy work is all about aligning the flow of ebergy along the meridien in the human body. The meridian is a concept central to traditional Chinese medical techniques such as acupuncture. In Chinese medicine, the meridians are channels along which the energy (chi or qi) of the psychological system is considered to flow. Illness is attributed to imbalance or interruption of chi.

I have taken a couple of friends interested in energy work over the years to Budi Yusuf Santoso and it has been an amazing experience each time. So if you are open to trying out something new, even if you are a skeptic, this is definitely worth a visit.

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2 Responses to An Electrifying Encounter

  1. 7 Nov 2011
    TO: Ms. Poonam Sagar
    I wonder if the treatment could be a remedy for my severe neurotic problem to which I’m a victim for last 2 years. Could DR. Pak Yusuf Budi Santoso be reached over e-mail to explain him my problems in detail?
    Rajat Das Gupta

  2. ps says:

    Dear Mr Dasgupta,
    Pak Yusuf does not use email and I am still skeptical about the healing.

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