Singing Diva: Penaz Masani in Jakarta

She has trademark head of curly hair, a million dollar smile that lights up the auditorium and her melodious voice fills it with music. Penaz Masani is a warm and wonderful human being with a musical gift. It was a pleasure to meet her in Jakarta, while she was here with a dance troupe. the planets, with Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) and Embassy of India to present a musical evening – Tishnagi.

Penaz Masani is a celebrated name in India, amongst the many ghazal lovers. Since 1981, she has cut over 25 discs and sung in over 10 languages. She can melodiously render a vast range of ghazals, starting from the traditional to the more modern forms.
In addition to many accolades and awards, she has been honored with the Padma Shree award in 2009. She is also India’s Goodwill and Cultural Emissary with ICCR.

‘To enjoy, experience and understand the ghazals, first of all you need to be familiar with Urdu language.’ said Penaz. This Parsi  singing diva is fluent in chaste Lucknowi Urdu, which she learned from  Professor Nizamuddin Ghorekar at St Xavier College in Mumbai.

Her interest in ghazals was inspired by Begum Akhtar. Later learning ghazals from Madhurani.  To quote Penaz “Madhurani Ji is the only artist on this planet  who performs for the Gods, who is born for pure music”.

The show ‘Tishnagi’ had Penaz  singing from different Bollywood eras ably supported by the dancing troupe. Ghazals , Peppy Pop and Bollywood in her unique voice, such that one wanted to say ‘abhi na joa chod kar, ki dil abhi nahin bhara…’

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  1. 4 November 2011
    TO: Ms Poonam Sagar
    Unfortunately, I could hear only bits and pieces of your conversation with Penaz Masani, and observe her stage performance as both came up in bits and pieces and stopped intermittently. This may be due to fault in recording at your end or due to defect in my sound box. However, whatever fragments I could pick up, left me no doubt that you had a wonderful day with Penaz.
    Incidentally, Bengal picked up a lot from Lucknow Gharans, particularly their Tappa & Ghazals. Nidhubabu of early 19th Century Bengal, is still popular in Bengali musical circle for his adaptation of Tappa particularly from Lucknow classics.
    Rajat Das Gupta

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