Look at the BIG Picture and Let Go ~ BK Trish

I had long heard about the Brahma Kumari association and finally in Jakarta had the opportunity to meet one of the members, BK Sister Trish. She had a very calming presence and it was indeed a privilege to interview her.

Her 4 steps on how to let go:

Step 1: Acceptance

Step 2: Understanding (with wisdom to step back and see the whole picture)

Step 3: Learning

Step 4: Forgiving yourself and letting go

Some of the other reminders during the talk were:

– Be responsible for your actions

– Be aware of what you can trust people with

– What you give, you get

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  1. 6 June 2012
    Dear Poonam,
    About 3 decades back I attended courses of Brahma Kumari in one of their centers in Calcutta but had to eventually give up due to other preoccupations. I found their courses quite good for one’s spiritual uplift. I’m happy they are now spreading their mission in Indonesia.
    Rajat Das Gupta

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