‘Doing what I love…’ Chef Gilles Marx, French CulinaryMaster

Chef Gilles Marx
Chef Gilles Marx, Amuz

Chef Gilles in conversation with Poonam Sagar

Chef Gilles Marx is the best French culinary expert in Jakarta. It was a pleasure to meet him at his restaurant Amuz, a classic and contemporary French restaurant. We sat near his open kitchen with the sounds of cooking and jangling cutlery in the background to understand his views on the culinary trends in Jakarta.

Chef Gilles attributes his love for cooking to his mother, ‘a very good cook’ and most of the food on the table he remembers, ‘came from the garden’ and also that both his grandparents were farmers. Chef Gilles explained that it was usual for everyone to help in the cooking process at home, especially on weekends, and this was his early training.  It was when he left home for school and discovered canteen food which was very different and he wanted to recreate home cooking. He decided to get into apprenticeship in cooking for two years, which meant he went to school for one week and worked for three weeks, at the end of which awarded the diploma at just sixteen years of age.

Chef Gilles Marx now has over twenty years of experience pursuing his passion, including time spent at Michelin-starred restaurants in Lyon, Burgundy and Paris, as well as an experience in Australia and Southeast Asia, to hone his skills in serving the best food and wine. These are now showcased at his wonderful contemporary and classic French Cuisine at his own restaurant, which he launched successfully in the year 2010 – Amuz in Jakarta.

Doing what you love is definitely a recipe for success.

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