Well-Being: A Bubble of Happiness Inside and Around

When I woke up this morning, everything felt right with the world. The bed and pillow was supremely comfortable and physically, I could have climbed Mt Everest. My mind was totally devoid of any worries and I felt completely at peace. That elusive and ephemeral feeling of well being, like a bubble of happiness inside and around me.

What if we could hold on to this bubble of well being? After all, as the word itself suggests, it is merely a ‘state of being’. I have known times when even on a holiday at the most picturesque place in the company of loved one, I have felt ill at ease. And, sometimes quite the opposite, totally at peace in the midst of mayhem.

Maybe the key to its understanding is one of the tallest buildings in the world – Taipei Tower 101, which rises 505 meters vertically up in the air and literally scrapes the sky! It is designed to withstand typhoon winds and earthquake tremors. It is flexible in strong winds and yet rigid enough to prevent swaying. Diners at the restaurant at the top can enjoy their coffee or soup without the fear of its spilling or feeling of vertigo. This is due to the heart of 101 – a tuned mass damper.  A 728 ton steel sphere suspended from the 92nd to the 88th floor, the pendulum sways to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts. It’s not about the physics of a tuned mass damper or mechanics of how it makes the building stable – this is about our heart and feeling of well being.

If our internal state of being is grounded and at peace, or in other words we are connected to our heart, our very own ‘tuned mass damper,’ then we remain stable in the face of life’s challenges to reach fulfillment and meaning.  Meditation is a great way to connect to your heart.  The Bible says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Or as Buddha taught “Calmness is within you; do not look for it outside of you.” From our heart flows purpose or mediocrity, success or failure, joy or depression. Our heart will define our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and choices — ultimately, it molds our destiny.



My formula for a state of well being:

1.       Enjoy the moment. Even if I find myself in the midst of chaos, it is where I have chosen to be and maybe where my biggest lessons are waiting for me.

2.       Spend time in the company of loved ones and activities I enjoy.

3.       Say ‘No’ to people and activities that bring unhappiness, stress and anxiety.

Life is and will forever be a roller coaster ride. It is fun if we remain connected to our heart and state of well being.

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