Social Media Networking Tips for 2013

social media tipsSocial media profiles develop your online brand as an individual. Who you are? What are your interests and activities? What expertise do you possess? What are your accomplishments?

Your Social Media profile determines how would be known and recognized by colleagues, other professionals, and potential employers.

The 3 basics of online social networking are
•    Familiarity: What social media are you getting into? Don’t sign up for a social networking platform or Web application without understanding its utility to you.
•    Consistency: Complete your profiles on the social platforms you wish to use with a crisp resume and a professional photograph. Develop your personal tagline. It is important to carry the same voice, image, and persona consistently, across multiple social networking platforms.
•    Participation: Social networking is a gift economy. The more productively you participate with others, the higher your own profile will become.

5 tips to create an effective professional online presence.

  1. Google yourself and reflect on the “person” that emerged from the search—are the results congruent with who you want to be online?
  2. Research online the social networking platforms to understand what they do with your data and the conventions that govern the way the community operates, before you create your accounts.
  3. Remember that social media doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Create a schedule that works for you for social media conversations.  For example, 15 minutes every alternate day.
  4. Control your personal information online with privacy settings. Only post information and pictures that you are happy for everyone to see. Remove your tags from undesirable pictures that might have been posted online by friends. Only connect with people you want to communicate with, online.
  5. Acknowledge and appreciate your connections. Share their posts, endorse or recommend them on LinkedIn and twitter, and finally remember to thank them.

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