Prospecting for Passion

At almost every seminar, motivational talk, or training you go to, or in every self development book we read, the message invariably is to live your passion and follow your dreams to be successful. But most of us do not even know what our passion is! How then can we live our passion, without having even discovered as to what it is? We are so caught up in the nitty gritties of life that we just live life on auto pilot and fail to find the nuggets of passion in our lives.Usually we wake up in the morning with our agenda for the day. At work, the first thing most of us do is to switch on the computer, at home – switch on the TV or radio, always being available on our mobile phone, and, spend any spare time socializing with family and friends and then sleep to wake to another similar day. We do not have any quiet time to ourselves. And this is the key point.

Individuals who have left their mark on history have had one thing in common: they spent time with themselves, in conversation with themselves and in introspection. This has enabled them to discover their passion and helped them to pave a road to the end of the rainbow, to their pot of gold.

It would take just some simple steps to break the pattern and discover your passion and aspirations. Make time for yourself with no distraction or agenda. Many spiritual gurus feel that the early morning is the best time, as the mind and body are rested and there are few distractions. You could light up a candle or burn incense, but these are merely tools to help focus the mind and create an atmosphere. Sit or lie down comfortably and with a notepad and pencil answer these questions:

1. What activity does not tire me?
2. If I did not have to work for money, what work would I do?
3. What would make me very happy?
4. The lifestyle I want to have is …?
4. What kind of friends do I want?
5. What kind of home do I want?
6. When I daydream, what do I dream of?

This would lead to your recognizing your passions and aspirations. Once you know them, you can work towards making a roadmap of your life to fulfill the same. Every person on this planet has the power to make it a better place, and finding one’s passion and purpose in life is merely a step in making this happen.

If God Himself asked you to do something for humanity, what would you choose to do? Make a choice and choose a path which resonates with you. To make this possible, identify your talents and look around you where these can be utilized. Keep looking till you find your answers. The first answers may not be the right/perfect answers but will lead you to them.

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