Love and Light…with Santana at Java Jazz festival 2011

‘We all have the power to make a difference as we are all made up of 2 things – Love and Light’, said Carlos Santana in the middle of his performance at D2 Axis Hall, PRJ, Kemayoran. It was one of the most crowded shows in Java Jazz Festival’s history, since its inception 7 years ago. His amazing performance with an equally amazing team on the stage kept the spectators spell bound and swaying to his music. The rythm permeated the hall and then became a part of me, a live pulsation, making me one with the music.

carlos santana performance

Here are two short videos of the performance Live at JJF 2011 and Carlos Santana Live

We braved the horrendous traffic, difficult parking and a long long walk to finally get to the performance hall. The show surprisingly started on time and lasted for almost two hours. The audience did not seem to enough despite for additional somgs and encores. What made it really special was the uplifting theme of love, peace, and happiness.

Santana and his talented band played the band’s classic songs, including those featured in “The Supernatural: Legacy Edition” album. “Black Magic Woman”, “Maria-Maria”,“Smooth” and “Into The Night“,accompanied with applause from the audience.

This is Santana’s first visit to Jakarta as a part of the “Guitar Heaven 2011 Tour”.

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