Gourmet Article with an Olive on Top

Have you noticed how similar a great article is to a gourmet sandwich?

SandwichNo, really… The first introductory paragraph and last concluding one are like the bread slices that hold the entire sandwich together. It sets the tone for the writing and may be in various textures and favors like the various varieties of bread, but they are all fresh and sometimes crisp.

The body of the article is much like the filling and can be many types but it is the judicious use of complementary ideas and tone that add taste and keep you reading till not a crumb…er…word is left.

Quotations give sparks of flavor just like jalapeno peppers or bacon bits.

And binding it all together like a toothpick with an olive on top holding a sandwich is the awesome title.

And some great advice “Sandwich every bit of criticism between two layers of praise.” Mary Kay Ash

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