Flight of Fancy


Flight of Fancy

I love to sit in a window seat in air planes, even though I am squeezed in and unable to move out to the loo. Its the small rectangle of double glazed porthole that is so very exciting. Like being free. I watch the world fall below me and suddenly everything becomes smaller even my problems. Left far behind on the ground and receding in size till I am flying above a skyscape of fluffy clouds in all shades of white against a backdrop of hues in blue.

When I fly over mountains covered with dense vegetation, imagine how it would it be in the middle of nowhere? Forest sounds, bird calls, gurgling streams and quiet. Sitting in a clearing, drinking in nature. What would I think, I think?

Meandering rivers with ox bow lakes, waterfalls, volcano craters and rocky hills – what a beautiful land. And sometimes its emerald islands on turquoise seas. White crests of foamy waves crashing on silver beaches far far away from any people. Oh how I would like to be there in my full featured yacht with all luxuries. Sit on the deck or jump in the water, walk on empty silver sand, fish, jump and dance.

Sitting, belted in my window seat, my imaginations soars even higher than the plane.

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One Response to Flight of Fancy

  1. mrinalini says:

    I felt a joyful sense of ‘deja vu’ as I read through your ‘flight of fancy’…..
    I picture you on your silver beach with the hair flying through your hair, blue sky, golden sunshine and natures bounties all around as your backdrop with the luxury yacht to complete the image!
    Dream away Poonam…if reality is just an illusion then this dream has already happened!

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