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Monkey in a Doll’s Head

There it was, right in the middle of a busy road – a monkey wearing a doll’s head. An incongruous and sad sight indeed. Human beings exploiting helpless animals…

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Roadside Vendors in Delhi

We really love a mixture of flavors which tickle the tongue, which is why it is called ‘chaat’ or to taste. The three featured above are found at most tourist spots and markets in Delhi.

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Giant Krupuk (crackers)

  Super Jumbo Fish Crackers that almost a meter in diameter sold on the road on ‘Kaki lima.’ ‘Kaki Lima’ means 5th wooden leg as that is what is required to keep the roadside carts stationary.

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Angels on the roadside

Anybody looking for angels?

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Smart Networking Strategies for Career Women

Time is our only non-renewable resource, and definitely the most valuable, especially for women. Women in their many roles as business owners, service providers, moms, wives, friends, sisters, daughters and volunteers need to leverage every precious minute of their day. … Continue reading

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Indian Wedding Destination – Bali

Marriages are made in heaven and what better place to celebrate this relationship, but the Island of Gods – Bali. Bali is now THE wedding destination, especially for NRIs, to make a splash. An opportunity to live the Maharaja fantasy … Continue reading

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The Ugliest Flower Pots Ever…

These huge ugly flower pots can be found along the roadsides or on pavements in Jakarta. Usually the plants in them are merely dry twigs. So incredibly impractical and weird. It would be far easier and GREENER to plant trees … Continue reading

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